– Ban the Burkha

 (c) Mary Wells, 2013, faithofourmothers.ca

Any freedom-loving nation should not allow the burkha to be worn in public for various reasons. The primary reason is that it begins to set a precedent for many others to follow and opens a door that may be virtually impossible to close with passing time.  No culture which seeks to promote a healthy way of life for both men and women should consider allowing women to be imprisoned in mobile jails made of cloth that treat them like chattel. Even those women who prefer to dress this way should be stopped for the following reasons:

1.  It’s a security issue and enables crime:

Given the nature of militant Islam and the expressed intentions of many Muslims to implement shariah law in the world’s free nations, we should err on the side of being over-protective of our freedoms rather than not being protective enough. A burkha provides a place to hide for anyone who would like to conceal their identity, carry hidden weapons, or follow through on the threats expressed by militant Muslims to destroy the democratic way of life. There is no way to tell if it is really just a religious woman in there or an evil man about to perpetrate a crime. This alone should be grounds to ban the burkha and give highest priority to protecting the general population, rather than caring about not offending foreigners who would force their way of life upon the rest. Allowing burkhas in our society is a very real security threat that can only get worse if allowed to continue.





 2.  Burkhas facilitate women being treated like second class citizens and being kept in darkness – literally and figuratively.  By extension, their children are held captive to the same darkness. Some may truly wish to wear a burkha but many others wear them out of fear of the consequences if they don’t.  Many have expressed the hope that western governments will be a safe haven where they can reject sharia law and get rid of the burkha.  Our governments cannot legislate courage into their lives; that must come from within their own hearts and minds. But by putting laws in place to insist they must adapt to western freedom and not hide in their portable tents, it gives them legitimate justification to do so.  To pass laws banning the burkha and sharia law is to legislate freedom for oppressed Muslim women.







3. The presence of burkhas is generally a sign of the presence of oppressive men who insist that women wear them.  Such men explicitly express defiance of the laws of democratic nations. They push and provoke the rest of the population to respond, then use the response as an excuse to gain further attention and influence. To have a burkha ban in Canada would send these bully-men a clear sign that there is zero tolerance in our nations for their behaviour.  Either they adapt to western freedom or go back to their place of origin in order to live a lifestyle where women are oppressed. It’s not happening here.

4.  Banning the burkha would serve to be the inevitable flashpoint where freedom-loving societies must sooner or later take a deliberate stand against the attempt to encroach sharia law.  It’s time to stop waiting until things get even worse.  It’s time to put some muscle behind Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms which outlaw the oppression of women. A person would have to be deaf, blind and dumb not to hear the threats raised by belligerents who enter our nations for the expressed purpose of destroying our way of life. Banning the burkha would be a good place to get pro-active as it would most likely garner a lot of support from those who don’t really want to wear them. What are we waiting for?


5.  Banning the burkha forces the women who wear them to face their own issues of fear and abuse.  It prevents abused women from cowering in terror and suffering even more abuse because of not getting the attention they need. Also, it forces women who exploit the burkha to spew out their hatred of western societies, to come out of their places of cowardice and show their faces to the world they would like to destroy.  If they are so bold to defy  the laws of western societies then take away their hiding places and let’s see who they really are in the light of day.


6.  The burkha prevents freedom-loving societies full of life and colour and art, from looking like they are being overtaken by a living black plague.  Like a bucket of black paint thrown across a masterpiece of art, the darkness that accompanies them defaces the beauty and grace of our cultural mosaic called Canada.  The colour black has its place, but not if it is permitted to colour everything else black as well.  Some people first need to be offended by freedom in order to realize how badly they need it.


7. Any freedom loving society should take responsibility to insist on freedom for young men as well as women. The young boys who must adhere to this lifestyle are harmed just as much. Children are deeply impacted by seeing their mothers treated like chattel. Future generations of freedom-loving nations need to be protected from the misogynistic practice of hiding women like prisoners in their own clothes. Young boys especially, need to learn this is no way to treat a woman and it will not be tolerated in our western nations. Banning the burkha needs to happen now!